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I am Loki. The God of Mischief, Lies and Chaos.
Approach with caution and watch your tongue, or I shall bite it off.

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ladylxki replied to your post: 

Hey, good for you! I hope it works out for you :) I’ve been a vegetarian for over 7 years and I personally think it’s the best decision one can make when it comes to food.

[ Thank you! I’ve been wanting to do it for years but never thought I could keep it up, but since my op I’ve realised I can probably do it. Plus I want to be much healthier, I do really hope I can keep it up ]

xclarissima replied to your post: 

[ goodbye to juicy steaks. ]

[ meh I’m not really a steak fan tbh. I think that since I’ve had my jaw op eating meat has been — and still is — really difficult so I’ve rarely done it, and I guess it’s made me realise I can go without. Goodbye to sweet and sour chicken balls in batter but tbh I’ve not had one since I watched the owner of my local chinese takeaway walk around with a big cat carrier case and try to lure my cat into it >.> ]

thxunburnt replied to your post: 


[ I can still go! The chips are perfectly fine to eat cus they’re cooking in peanut oil but I just won’t have a burger xD ]

[ So the mother and I are attempting to go vegetarian. I hope I can keep it up… ]

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cut your posts or i will unfollow you

cut your posts or i will unfollow you

c u t  y o u r  p o s t s  o r  i  w i l l  u n f o l l o w  y o u



-do a few drafts out of your massive pile-

-publish them-

-feel accomplished-

-get twice as many replies back-

-cry silently-

this is life story

[ After making 200+ icons I ended up falling asleep. I’ll be back tomorrow <3 ]


   “ ––– of course you aren’t.”

      “Yes, you would. We’re at war, aren’t we?”

War? Pray tell what war are we facing?”


     Well, this was awkward.  
     He’d never come across who just downright hadn’t heard of PDS.


                “… A zombie.”


"A zombie?" This was certainly a first for him, often had he been called a zombie but Loki was yet to truly meet one till now. “—A true zombie?”



    “I don’t like anybody.”

"——Are you quite sure about that?"

[ I’m going to be on Loki and here until I fall asleep, do some icons too. Oh and I gave up on keeping this a secret earlier so have it again cus I’ll be there tomorrow. ]

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