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I am Loki. The God of Mischief, Lies and Chaos.
Approach with caution and watch your tongue, or I shall bite it off.

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                                  okay. let me just start by saying what the fuck.
                                  i never thought i’d even get to 200, much less
                                  1,000 !! so,  in  celebration   of  all  you  nerds
                                  following  me, here’s a mini bias list of  people
                                  who  have  made  my  time  here  on  natasha
                                  absolutely                                       amazing !!

the xbabes !!

deceiverx Celeeeeeeeeeeeeste !! I can’t even imagine how my days would be without you anymore. We talk everyday, you’re so sweet, hilarious, you put up with my shenanigans, and I love you dearly. Not to mention you’re absolutely gorgeous, and write so, so well. Don’t ever stop being you, ya nerd. <3 

xcarney Ally! You’re amazing, I don’t even know where to start. You’re an amazing writer, you’re hilarious, and super cute and flawless. idk. i love you so much! -kisses ur face-

mrstxrk Andrea~! I know we haven’t talked that much, but you’re awesome! Your Tony is amazing, you’re hilarious, and I really do hope I get to know you even more !!

xstrange Sarah !! -smooshes ur cheeks- I just really, really love you. You’re the sweetest, kindest person, you’re so easy to talk to, and never fail to make me laugh! Keep bein awesome lil mama <3

comrades !!

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                                     like i said, it’s very mini and small because
                                     i’m  lazy, but that doesn’t mean that i  don’t
                                     love  you  if you’re not on here!  but  again;
                                     thank  you  so, so much for  following,  and
                                     sticking   with   me  for   almost   2  years !!

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                         ”Nothing in his pockets but knives and lint…”

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The Nordic religion was not a religion of dread, or of magic formularies to propitiate hostile powers. Instead of covering its temples with frescoes of the tortures of the damned, it taught people not to be afraid of death. Its ideal was the fellowship of the hero with the gods, not merely in feasting and victory, but in danger and defeat. For the gods, too, are in the hands of fate, and the Scandinavian vision of the twilight of the gods that was to end the world showed the heroes dying valiantly in the last hopeless fight against the forces of chaos—loyal and fearless to the last. —G. M. Trevelyan, from “History of England, Volume One” (via thedeerandtheoak)


"No ruder than you’re being," she spat back.  She was frightened to death but she’d be damned if she’d let him see that.  With her free hand she pushed hard against his chest to try and free herself from his grip.  "Let me go!”

He would have laughed had he not grown so wearisome of the pathetic efforts of the human race. She knew that her strength did not rival his own and yet she persisted, perhaps some would consider it admirable. 

His grip persisted, a brief squeeze of his fingers around her flesh threatened her with an unbearable grasp that would no doubt pain her greatly,

   ”I have no reason to release you. Not to mention you lack manners. Perhaps a please shall aid you.”


         ”Excellent. When do we start?


   ”I believe we already have. I have patronised you, you have irritated me.”

"Yet I suspect we should turn our attention elsewhere."



This was the worst possible thing to say to the worst possible dick butt, but here we are.

“Bite me.” She said. “We’re both irritated to hell and back.”

   Very poor choice of words.

"Is that an invitation?"


"I am quite sure you would manage to hold your urges, if you wanted to. No point lying to me, really…."


"Unless, you became a complete animal? Nevertheless, I do not care what you do, kill me if you wish, just do it quickly.”

  “That may be so, but why would I contain my urges purely for your sake?”

"You are much too changeable for my liking, first you beg for my aid and now you request I kill you with haste? What is it you truly wish for? Would you cling to life or opt for death?”



"—Could you, though? I don’t know, man; you’d have to, like…” He bent his head down a little, demonstrating. “…get low, ‘cuz they’re curved. Or you could throw your head backwards and get someone behind ya. Seems mighty inconvenient to me. Just sayin’.”

    “Have you forgotten the saying? Anything is possible, even I believe in that.” The creature frowned upon witnessing the odd display, he thought the demonstration entirely unnecessary. There came a short huff before the vampire took action, and with a gleam of emerald enveloping his form his regal helm dispersed into nothing; he was much too eager to be rid of the conversation. “I do prefer a far more convenient means. I do not depend on my helm in order to harm another living being.”

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